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1. The 5 biggest tech trends from CES 2020
With thousands of new products shouting for your attention, you can easily miss the bigger takeaways at CES. Recognizing the trends that develop and will impact the future is one of the most valuable things about the show. And since technology now touches more aspects of our lives than ever before, there were several key trends on display at CES 2020. Here are the ones that will have the biggest impact on the rest of 2020 and beyond.
Origional Story Date :1/10/2020
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Technology Trends
2. Will AI Dominate Digital Marketing in 2020?
We just entered 2020 and being a digital marketer, it is crucial to be attentive to the trends and technologies which can affect digital advertising and marketing. We often say “time flies,” and this is equally applicable to consumer interests which are constantly changing and are getting harder to understand inherently. Previously, voice search optimization, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning were considered new but not yet impactful technologies. Today, these technologies are at the top of the priority list of marketers.
Origional Story Date :1/17/2020
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Artificial Intelligence
3. Four Mistakes for CIOs to Avoid in 2020, or Any Other Time
GET UX RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: Simply migrating your infrastructure to the cloud won't make your legacy applications agile, scalable, and intelligent. Once you move to the cloud, the meter is always running. By the end of 2019, many enterprise CIOs were busy working on moving to various cloud services, modernizing custom applications and investing in data science initiatives.
Origional Story Date :1/10/2020
News | Eweek
Information Technology | IT Management
4. 10 Cybersecurity Trends in 2020 You Need to Keep an Eye On
Cybersecurity is the chessboard where hackers and defenders are looking to checkmate each other. For now, hackers are on the winning side. Hackers are outmaneuvering defenders by launching a ransomware attack every 14 seconds, they plan to get to 11 seconds by 2021. It’s not just the speed but the variety of attacks that make hackers a formidable opponent. Initially, the ‘Grandmaster’ companies with fancy security infrastructure and a large cash pot were targeted. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you are the Grandmaster or a class C, D, or E player of the small business world — everyone’s fair game.
Origional Story Date :1/16/2020
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Security | Cybersecurity
5. The state of digital transformation in 2020
The past year has seen many businesses question exactly how transformational digital transformation really is. The answer, as with all IT initiatives, depends on the scope of the ambition, the skill of the leadership, and the ultimate degree of business impact. Yet we’ve seen a pattern emerge: Those with transformational aspirations discover that boil-the-ocean schemes seldom meet their objectives, while carefully planned and targeted initiatives often have broader benefit than even the original instigators imagined.
Origional Story Date :1/13/2020
News | CIO Magazine
Information Technology | Technology Trends | Digital Transformation
6. The Best Employee Engagement Strategies for 2020
There are a few principals that if implemented will surely bring you success because they are employee engagement strategies that work well across all different types of organizations. I’m not saying these are completely foolproof, but if you execute them properly, I think you’ll see your employee engagement numbers start moving in the right direction. Also, these principles can lay a firm foundation for more stronger and more advanced employee engagement effort in the future.
Origional Story Date :1/14/2020
News | Business 2 Community
Human Resources | Strategy
7. Apple's chance to grow as half a billion Windows 7 PCs hit EOL
As Microsoft pulls support for nearly half a billion Windows 7 PCs, it’s make or break for Windows-based IT. And Apple has a chance to reap a good harvest when support ends Jan. 14. Apple’s solutions are now in use across the entire Fortune 500 and the company’s enterprise credentials continue to extend. At a recent Apple-focused enterprise IT event, we encountered opinion and statistics to reinforce this fact.
Origional Story Date :1/9/2020
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | Hardware | Computers
8. Adaptability Key to Staying Current with Security Trends
What technologies will be the most disruptive in the 2020s? Is the latest cybersecurity story real or just fake news? Can we protect privacy, given the recent onslaught of data breaches? Can my business function even survive this exponential pace of change?
Origional Story Date :1/6/2020
News | Government Technology
Information Technology | Security
9. iPhone apps, blockchain and the future of food
Smartphones and blockchain are empowering an evolution in food distribution. If you could verify how your food was grown, treated and distributed using an iPhone app, blockchain and a packaging code, would you? IBM thinks you might. Everyone knows that food standards aren’t equal. Nowhere is this clearer than in the treatment of chickens destined for your plate. Some are reared in conditions considered cruel by many consumers, people who will vote with their wallets for better treatment if they are informed.
Origional Story Date :1/7/2020
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | Mobile
10. How the Business and IT Can Collaborate for Customer Success
Why should the business and IT collaborate? Really, the question is why wouldn’t they collaborate? More and more, business units like sales, marketing, service, and operations have direct interactions with customers that are enabled or empowered by technology — technology that’s typically managed and deployed by IT.
Origional Story Date :1/7/2020
News | CIO Magazine
Information Technology | Software | Business