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1. State attorneys general will reportedly kick off antitrust investigation into tech giants
Another antitrust investigation will be kicked off against US tech giants, according to a report, this time coming from a group of state attorneys general. Citing sources, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday the probe could be launched in September and could look into whether companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon use their power to stifle competition in the market.
Origional Story Date :8/20/2019
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | News
2. What is serverless computing and which enterprises are adopting it?
Serverless computing is an architecture where code execution is fully managed by a cloud provider, instead of the traditional method of developing applications and deploying them on servers.
Origional Story Date :8/13/2019
Editorial | Computerworld
Information Technology | Online | Service Provider
3. Entropy as a Service: A New Resource for Secure Development
In computer science, entropy is a tangible resource. The term describes the random information that’s collected by an operating system to generate cryptographic keys used for encrypting information. As entropy increases — both in quality and quantity — keys become harder to decipher, and encryption improves.
Origional Story Date :8/19/2019
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Software | Software Development
4. MacStadium announces cloud-based Mac IASS for developers
MacStadium has officially announced Orka,a Kubernetes-compatible virtualization layer for Mac cloud infrastructure designed to boost development of cloud services and solutions on Apple’s platforms.
Origional Story Date :8/13/2019
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | Virtualization
5. What happens when cyber attackers reach quantum-advantage?
Aerospace and defence group Thales is investing in a large ecosystem of partners to work on quantum-resistant cryptography: without it, legacy cryptography could be broken overnight.
Origional Story Date :8/12/2019
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | Security | Cryptography
6. Is Windows pushing you to upgrade? Don't be bullied. There's a middle path.
Many people running Win10 version 1803 — the most common version of Win10 — are seeing dire notices that they need to upgrade to 'the next version of Windows,' by which Microsoft means 1903. Hogwash. You have options. Here’s what you can do.
Origional Story Date :8/12/2019
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | Patches
7. Can Open Platforms Speed Up IT Modernization?
The gap between proprietary legacy systems and transformative open source can be broad, but open platforms provide state and local IT with a promising, yet sometimes overlooked, third option.
Origional Story Date :8/12/2019
News | Government Technology
Information Technology | Software | Business | Open Source
8. Maybe everyone in IT should go hiking every weekend
IT support staff meets every week to discuss open requests and go over support tickets from the previous week. The new CFO decides to sit in on one of these meetings, where one ticket that pops up for review is from a VP who requested support over the previous weekend because he was unable to log on to a system.
Origional Story Date :8/9/2019
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | Services | Support
9. Hackers want you to be happy.
A study from the University of Florida looks at the psychology of phishing emails and when you’re most likely to click on that link.
Origional Story Date :8/8/2019
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Security | Phishing
10. How fast is Wi-Fi 6? Here's our very first speed test
The age of Wi-Fi 6 is just beginning. So how much faster will those transmissions be?We're at the very beginning of the Wi-Fi 6 era, and new, next-gen routers capable of putting 802.11ax's upgraded features to work are already up for sale.
Origional Story Date :8/2/2019
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Hardware | Networking | WiFi