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1. How to Implement an Equifax Data Breach Action Plan
You may have already read about the latest data breach that resulted in 143 million Equifax records being compromised. As part of that data breach, names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses, and driver’s license information was taken.In seeing such a large number and knowing you have your own credit reports most likely with this company, you might be quietly (or loudly) freaking out right now. It’s easy to understand your concern when data breaches are becoming so common despite the security technology available...
Origional Story Date :9/18/2017
HowTo | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Security
2. Bitcoin tanks after China reportedly bans cryptocurrency exchanges
Bitcoin has plummeted further after China launched a crackdown on cryptocurrencies. The currency went into free fall on Friday after reports that China was about to ban cryptocurrency exchanges. It has continued to decline in value, now standing at $4,161.62, or £3,155, down more than $500 from a high of $4698.72 on Thursday. The Chinese outlet Caixin first reported the ban on Friday. On Monday, Bloomberg followed up with a report that China would ban the trading of virtual currencies on domestic exchanges but permit...
Origional Story Date :9/11/2017
News | Business Insider
Information Technology | Online | E-Commerce | Digital Currencies
3. CCleaner Hacked, Infecting Millions of Users With Malicious Downloads
More than 2 billion users around the world have downloaded the Piriform CCleaner tool to help remove unwanted files and keep their systems secure. Now those users are at risk, as on Sept. 18, Piriform publicly revealed that its servers had been hacked, with attackers modifying CCleaner with a backdoor that possibly infected millions of users. "We estimate that 2.27 million users had the affected software installed on 32-bit Windows machines," a spokesperson for software security vendor Avast told eWEEK. "We believe that these...
Origional Story Date :9/18/2017
SecurityAlert | Eweek
Information Technology | Security | Hacking
4. Verizon Fiber Investments Will be Shaped by Region
Verizon has already shored up a significant amount of fiber, but as the company moves forward with plans, fiber investments will be determined on a case-by-case basis, largely depending on geography. Speaking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media Communications & Entertainment conference, Verizon EVP and CFO Matt Ellis said as Verizon adds fiber, “we can buy existing fiber, we can build fiber, or we can lease existing fiber.” “I think it’s going to be geography by geography will determine what the best, most cost-effective..."
Origional Story Date :9/11/2017
News | Wireless Week
Information Technology | Hardware | Networking | Telecom
5. Judge Cracks Down on LinkedIn's Shameful Abuse of Computer Break-In Law
Good news out of a court in San Francisco: a judge just issued an early ruling against LinkedIn’s abuse of the notorious Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) to block a competing service from perfectly legal uses of publicly available data on its website. LinkedIn’s behavior is just the sort of bad development we expected after the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit delivered two dangerously expansive interpretations of the CFAA last year - despite our warnings that the decisions would be easily misused...
Origional Story Date :8/29/2017
News | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Information Technology | Legal
6. AT&T Expanding Fixed Wireless 5G Trials to 3 New Cities
AT&T is set to bring trials of its fixed wireless 5G technology to three new cities by the end of the year, expanding an effort it launched in Austin in June. The carrier indicated new business and residential customer trials of fixed wireless 5G will be launched in Waco, Texas; Kalamazoo, Mich.; and South Bend, Ind., in the coming months. Alongside the new fixed wireless tests, AT&T said it will also continue to conduct pre-standard mobile 5G tests. AT&T said it plans to apply “key learnings” from its Austin study to the new fixed wireless trials...
Origional Story Date :8/30/2017
News | Wireless Week
Information Technology | Hardware | Telecom
7. Say Good-Bye to Annoying Video User Experience with SD-WAN
Video is fast becoming the medium of choice for distributing content online, and its use is quite staggering. Way back in 2014, 64 percent of all Internet traffic was video content. By the end of this year? It is estimated that video content will represent 74 percent of Internet traffic worldwide1. But why? Not surprisingly, video is one of the most powerful tools for engaging with an audience, and often your audience is your employees. Viewers of video content retain as much as 95 percent of the messaging that is relayed versus...
Origional Story Date :9/4/2017
Editorial | Wireless Week
Information Technology | Hardware | Networking
8. IT Leaders Are Experimenting With Blockchain
CIOs are keenly aware of the complexity of managing digital transactions. As data, goods and money flow across organizations and supply chains, verifying the authenticity of dealings is a growing challenge. In many cases, traditional approaches to auditing lack the level of visibility and security organizations require. "They're also extremely labor-intensive and often inefficient," observes A. Michael Smith, a partner at consulting firm PwC. Enter blockchain. The distributed ledger system, created by Bitcoin, relies on sophisticated...
Origional Story Date :9/4/2017
Research | CIO Insight
Information Technology | Security | Blockchain
9. BlueBorne Bluetooth Flaws Expose Billions of Devices to Security Risks
Bluetooth is widely implemented in billions of devices, and nearly all of those devices need to be patched for a new set of Bluetooth vulnerabilities dubbed BlueBorne. The BlueBorne vulnerabilities were discovered by internet of things (IoT) security firm Armis, which first responsibly reported the flaws to the impacted vendors, including Google, Microsoft and the Linux community. There is no indication to date that the BlueBorne vulnerabilities have been exploited in the wild by attackers. "BlueBorne is a series of vulnerabilities that we found...
Origional Story Date :9/18/2017
SecurityAlert | Eweek
Information Technology | Security | Bugs
10. Android Oreo vs. iOS 11: how do the features compare?
There's a good chance your phone will be receiving a major update in the near future. Both Apple and Google are gearing up to launch the next versions of iOS and Android respectively. Google finally shipped Android Oreo (version 8.0) earlier this week, and Apple is putting the finishing touches on iOS 11 as we creep closer to iPhone launch in September. Although neither update has rolled out to phones just yet, they've been in beta for months for developers to play with. Now that we've had enough time to test them test them, we're ready...
Origional Story Date :8/28/2017
Research | Mashable
Information Technology | Hardware | Mobile Devices | Software | Operating Systems