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1. Security firm Cellebrite says it can unlock any iPhone
A security company says it can unlock any iOS device.  James Martin/CNET Apple continued its security push this month during its WWDC event, where the iPhone maker unveiled new iOS features designed to keep your data private. One security company, however, says it can unlock all Apple devices and extract the data.
Origional Story Date :6/17/2019
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Online | Privacy
2. Risk of Identity Theft is a Costly Proposition for SMBs
Much like individuals, businesses can be victims of identity theft. However, unlike personal identity theft, it is often unclear how a Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) can recover from the financial and reputational impact. Business identity theft occurs when criminals impersonate a company to target its funds, file fraudulent tax returns, take out loans, or apply for lines of credit — all for financial gain.
Origional Story Date :6/22/2019
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Security
3. Fixing the Internet
That question anchors season 3 of Crazy/Genius, the tech podcast hosted by the Atlantic’s Derek Thompson. Its preview trailer runs through a litany of problems linked to the internet, from surveillance to misinformation to algorithmic bias. “What if we just tried turning it off for, like, a week,” jokes Vox’s Jane Coaston, “just to see what would happen?”
Origional Story Date :6/25/2019
News | Harvard Business Review
Information Technology | Online | Internet
4. What Matters Most In Business Intelligence, 2019
There are many fascinating insights from the Dresner Advisory Associates’ 10th edition of its popular Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study. The study is noteworthy in that it provides insights into how enterprises are expanding their adoption of Business Intelligence (BI) from centralized strategies to tactical ones that seek to improve daily operations.
Origional Story Date :6/18/2019
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Software | Business | Business Intelligence
5. If Your Business Experienced a Data Breach, Is It Prepared?
One of the core principles of the GDPR is that businesses must be prepped and ready to execute the requisite notifications in the event of a breach of personal data.
Origional Story Date :6/24/2019
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Security | Data Breach
6. GDPR One-Year Anniversary: Data Privacy Still Needs Help
A year after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union on May 25, 2018, the protection and privacy controls of personal data remain hot-button issues. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and scores of e-commerce businesses have felt the heat to upgrade the way they process, store and analyze personal data, which they all use to make money.
Origional Story Date :5/28/2019
News | Eweek
Information Technology | Privacy
7. Everything you need to know about Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency - CNET
Facebook and its partners are launching Libra, a new global cryptocurrency. Getty Images Facebook has finally taken the wraps off its worst-kept secret: Libra, its global cryptocurrency.
Origional Story Date :6/18/2019
Editorial | CNET News
Information Technology | Online | Social Media | Cryptocurrency
8. No, Tesla's Autopilot isn't dangerous, you just have to use it correctly - Roadshow
Recently, there has been a kerfuffle online about how the Tesla Model 3 is "dangerous." It changes lanes unsafely! It cuts off drivers like a rich guy in a BMW running late for a pitch meeting with a very important client!
Origional Story Date :5/29/2019
News | CNET News
Information Technology | News
9. Adapt Ceaselessly to Succeed in a Volatile Digital World
Enterprises today are constantly dealing with challenges and opportunities spawned by the digital revolution. Succeeding in this volatile world calls for agility and vision, the ability to move along with changing customer demands, variable market realities, and technical disruptions. In other words, the need of the hour is to be a “live enterprise” – sensing and responding in real time to disruptions for survival and success.
Origional Story Date :6/12/2019
News | CIO Magazine
Information Technology | Technology Trends | Digital Transformation
10. You've Upgraded to Teams. Why Isn't Anyone Using It?
Like many organizations, you’ve decided to upgrade to Microsoft Teams. This upgrade can help your organization collaborate across departments and branches in ways they may never have been able to before, by leveraging Unified Communications (UC). UC allows colleagues to connect around the globe, no matter what device they’re using.
Origional Story Date :6/12/2019
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Online | IM | Microsoft