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1. Using Zoom while working from home? Here are the privacy risks to watch out for
Now that you've finished choosing your custom Zoom background, mercifully sparing your fellow workers-from-home the sight of a growing pile of gym socks behind your desk, you might think you've got a handle on the conference call software du jour. Unfortunately, there are a few other data security considerations to make if you want to hide your dirty laundry.
Origional Story Date :3/30/2020
News | CNET News
Information Technology | Online | Privacy
2. Internet Speed Issues Arise Amid Coronavirus Telecommuting
As private and public sector employers try to reduce exposure to COVID-19, employers and employees are getting firsthand experience on the limitations of todays technological infrastructure.
Origional Story Date :3/18/2020
News | Government Technology
Information Technology | Online | Service Provider
3. G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook: When Foes Become Friends
It’s a real challenge to have G Suite and Office 365 users, who are part of the same organization, work in harmony. The need to foster productivity and collaboration between G Suite and Office 365 users, led to the birth of G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook.
Origional Story Date :3/31/2020
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Software | Consumer | Email | Outlook
4. Apple updates Safari on iOS and Mac to block third-party cookies
Annoyed at how much data companies gather from your web browsing? Apple's giving Safari on iOS and MacOS an update to help. Announced Tuesday by Apple WebKit engineer John Wilander in a blog post on the WebKit site, the move fully blocks third-party cookies, bringing the latest version of Safari in-line with other browsers like Tor.
Origional Story Date :3/25/2020
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Online | Browsers
5. In the digital economy, speed matters
The arrival of the digital economy has done more than just change how organisations work. It has also given their customers and employees expectations of immediate outcomes from the applications and services they use. Anything less can lead to a poor experience, which translates to unhappy customers or disgruntled workers and can quickly result in a negative outcome for the organisation.
Origional Story Date :3/5/2020
News | CIO Magazine
Information Technology | Hardware | Storage | Solid State Drives
6. 5 ways the COVID-19 crisis will transform HR's role
Human Resources is at the front lines of employers' response to the COVID-19 crisis. The crisis is forcing almost every business to immediately develop, adapt or improve remote work policies and procedures.
Origional Story Date :3/25/2020
News | HR - HR Morning
Human Resources | Operations
7. Working from home makes you vulnerable to hackers. Here's how to stay safe
Working at home can leave you open to hackers, even in normal times, and these aren't normal times. With millions of people in the US under orders to stay home to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, many more people are now working in their personal space, sometimes on their personal computers or phones. That makes a much wider target for hackers, cybersecurity experts say.
Origional Story Date :3/25/2020
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Online | Privacy
8. How to pick the right VPN now that you're working from home
It's nearly complete. You've transformed a corner of your house into your new coronavirus-proof home office, you've selected the perfect ergonomic rolling chair and eyestrain-preventive lighting, and now you've decided to shore up the privacy of your home internet -- effectively now your workplace internet -- with a steadfast virtual private network.
Origional Story Date :3/24/2020
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Online | Remote Access
9. Password managers: A little pain for a lot of security
If you're one of the countless people who unwisely use easy-to-guess passwords or reuse a password for several accounts, cybersecurity experts have a message for you: It isn't your fault. Memorizing a unique, complex password for each account is impossible.But that's exactly the sort of chore computers are good at.
Origional Story Date :3/10/2020
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Security | Password Protection
10. Microsoft claims ‘inflection point' for remote work as Teams surges to 44 million daily active users
Demand for Microsoft Teams has surged to 44 million daily active users, the company said on Thursday, with an additional 12 million users in the past week as workers across the world begin to work from home in response to the spread of COVID-19.
Origional Story Date :3/19/2020
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | Hardware | Networking | WAN | Microsoft