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1. 10 startups that died in 2017 - despite $1.7 billion in funding
Where there's life, there's death, and Silicon Valley is no different. For every thriving billion-dollar unicorn, there are endless numbers of start-ups that have passed onto the other side - laying off their engineers with their matching, branded t-shirts; closing down their game rooms filled with ping-pong tables; and leaving heartfelt goodbye notes for customers on their soon-to-be defunct websites. As 2017 comes to a close, it's time to take a tally of some of the best-funded startups to shut their doors this year...
Origional Story Date :12/2/2017
Research | Business Insider
Information Technology | IT Industry | Startups
2. The CIO Is No Longer the Top Technology Geek
The role of the CIO has undergone enormous change over the last decade. The letters "CIO" have come to mean more than chief information officer. Today, it's necessary to wear multiple hats, including chief intelligence officer, chief innovation officer and chief integration officer. "The traditional CIO who keeps the lights on and ensures that everything is running is completely obsolete," states Debbie Krupitzer, digital manufacturing and industrial IoT lead at consulting firm Capgemini. "The role has evolved and those that don't keep...
Origional Story Date :12/4/2017
Research | CIO Insight
Information Technology | IT Management | CIO
3. Self-driving buses are being tested in China and they're the largest of their kind yet
A small fleet of self-driving public buses has started running on the roads of China's tech district of Shenzhen, Guangdong. The four buses are currently on trial, and will run over three stops on a public road about 1.2 km (0.75 mi) long. But where typical self-driving bus projects involve smaller shuttle capsules, the four buses are nearly full-sized buses, able to carry up to 19 passengers. Other recent autonomous shuttles around the world have typically looked more like this...
Origional Story Date :12/4/2017
News | Mashable
Information Technology | Self-Driving Cars
4. The Internet of Things and Cybersecurity
The Internet of Things is a powerful tool that grants organizations access into granular data, which helps to improve productivity, efficiency and informed decision making. However, implementing an IoT system, in which dozens or even hundreds of new connected devices gain access to your network, carries with it increased security risks. After all, more potential points of entry increase the attack vector for would be hackers. So, how can your business reap the benefits of the IoT without befalling serious harm? With so many threats out...
Origional Story Date :12/4/2017
Editorial | Business News Daily
Information Technology | Hardware | Networking | IoT | Security | Cybersecurity
5. Toshiba Increases Speed, Doubles Capacity in New NVMe SSDs
Toshiba Memory America, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Toshiba Memory Corp., has expanded its XG5 lineup of NVMe (non-volatile memory express) solid-state drives that are based on its 64-layer, 3D BiCS (Bit Cost Scalable) flash memory. The new XG5-P, made available Nov. 30, is a premium sub-series storage disk that doubles the capacity over previous XG5 SSDs, TMA said. The company also said it is pre-tuned to improve full-access range random read/write performance by up to 55 percent. TMA said the XG5-P series is designed to...
Origional Story Date :12/2/2017
News | Eweek
Information Technology | Hardware | Storage | Solid State Drives
6. How to make a career out of playing video games? Start with this.
It's 2017. It's certainly no secret that coding is one of the most in-demand skills out there - and for good reason. Whether you’re making tweaks to your blog, running a multi-million eCommerce site, or building an app from scratch, it comes in handy in virtually every industry and pays handsomely too. With dozens of languages to choose from, the only question left is which one to learn first. There's no right answer here; different languages are used for different types of projects. If your object of desire is to have a knack for building games...
Origional Story Date :12/3/2017
HowTo | Mashable
Information Technology | Software | Consumer | Gaming | Software Development
7. Venezuela unveils virtual currency amid economic crisis
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has announced the creation of a new virtual currency in a bid to ease the country's economic crisis. He said the Petro would be backed by Venezuela's oil, gas, gold and diamond wealth. Opposition lawmakers, however, poured scorn on the plan. Venezuela's economy has been hit by falling oil revenue and the plummeting value of its existing currency, the bolivar. President Maduro has also railed against US sanctions which he describes as a "blockade". In a televised announcement on Sunday...
Origional Story Date :12/4/2017
Editorial | BBC
Information Technology | Cryptocurrency
8. House Intelligence Committee Advances a Deeply Flawed NSA Surveillance Bill
A bill to extend one of the NSA’s most powerful surveillance tools, and further peel back American civil liberties, was approved today by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in a strict party line vote (12-8), with Republican members voting in the majority. The committee and the public had less than 48 hours to read and discuss the bill. Democratic committee members openly criticized the short timeframe, amongst other problems. “This bill was shared with my office less than 24 hours ago, and here we are marking up..."
Origional Story Date :12/1/2017
News | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Information Technology | Privacy | Surveillance
9. Realistic AI Chatbot Trends for Businesses in 2018
Artificially intelligent chatbots aren't just for Fortune 500 companies anymore. Thanks to a slew of innovative bot ventures that focus on the user experience, small business owners are now using AI technology to improve daily operations, connect with clients and increase sales. Heavy hitters like Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella have publicly touted the value of AI chatbot technology. With Google's investment in Allo, Facebook's launch of Messenger, Windows' rollout of Cortana, and the early success of Operator and Telegram, it's reasonable...
Origional Story Date :12/4/2017
Research | Business News Daily
Information Technology | Artificial Intelligence
10. Bridging Systems and Gaining Visibility with the Cloud
In late 2012, Unite Here Health, labor management trust fund, was informed by its accounting software vendor that it was discontinuing upgrades and support for its system. The UHH finance team then began to seek out an ERP solution that could meet its long-term needs. Unite Here Health Controller Bryan Schmidt recalls that the search for the right system took about 18 months. The process of narrowing down the choices took a number of steps. It started with an internal review of what they wanted from the system.
Origional Story Date :12/4/2017
CaseStudy | Baseline
Information Technology | Software | Business | ERP | Online | Cloud Computing