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1. Intent Data at a Glance: How Data Visualization Helps You Make Decisions
We don’t collect buyer intent data just because we think it’s interesting. We collect and provide intent data to our clients in actionable form, because it can help them achieve their goals. Data helps the most when it can answer questions. And it can be a lot of help when it answers questions quickly. Data Visualization: Show, Don’t Tell While it is not always possible, there are times that data can answer questions “at a glance.” For example, if I wanted to...
Origional Story Date :2/6/2019
Research | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Data Visualization
2. Cross-Platform App Development: How It Can Benefit Your Business in 2019
A brilliant app idea should not be impaired by budgetary constraints. Well, we can say the evolution of cross-platform app development aims at this aspect. Faster development process and reduced cost are two USPs of cross-platform apps. This is why the concept has gained ground in the corporate sector in recent years. The mobile app development company remains busy in building cross-platform apps thanks to its growing demand.Startups and SMEs find cross-platform apps as a blessing of technology to connect with many people...
Origional Story Date :2/6/2019
Research | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Software | Software Development
3. How Proactive IT Infrastructure Monitoring Can Ramp Up Your Business Capabilities
It’s a common scenario. The IT team is backlogged with incidents that must be resolved, eating up time and taking focus from other important tasks. Even though your IT infrastructure is built well, events will occur. But a reactive approach is certainly the least efficient method to deal with them. Whether your infrastructure is in-house, in the cloud, or some combination thereof, you can benefit from an IT infrastructure monitoring solution – one that allows a proactive approach to anticipate issues before they become those pesky...
Origional Story Date :2/6/2019
HowTo | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Infrastructure
4. The Next 7 Steps in Convergence of Technology, Business - and Humanity
Things are looking good for tech workers: The global IT industry will grow in value by at least 4 percent to $5 trillion—with an upside of 6.4 percent—over the next year. Emerging tech alone is expected to more than double over the next several years, accounting for a $1.4 trillion market by 2022. In 2018, there were 250,000 IT job openings posted every month, and we should only expect this to increase in 2019.To take a closer look at what will drive this seemingly relentless wave of innovation and optimism for the year ahead...
Origional Story Date :2/6/2019
Research | Eweek
Information Technology | IT Industry | Trends
5. Insurance company finds its digital edge in AI
Epiphanies at innovation conventions are hardly new, but Tim Heinze wasn’t expecting his when the light bulb went off. The director of strategic operations for insurance company AXA XL’s North American property unit, Heinze had just watched a presentation in which an IBM engineer talked about how Watson, the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) software, generates efficiencies in offshore oil drilling operations.The presenter claimed that the Watson technology could “help one engineer think like a thousand...
Origional Story Date :2/5/2019
CaseStudy | CIO Magazine
Information Technology | Artificial Intelligence
6. Password Reuse Remains a Barrier to Safer Internet Use, Google Reports
The internet by default is not always safe, which is why Safer Internet Day on Feb. 5 exists—it’s a day to educate and remind users about the steps that should be taken to reduce cyber-security risks.But what are the unsafe things that users are doing online? Google conducted a study along with a Harris Poll of 3,000 Americans over the age of 16 to try to gauge the current state of safe, or in many cases unsafe, internet usage. Among the key findings in the study is that there is a clear gap between user perception and reality for...
Origional Story Date :2/6/2019
News | Eweek
Information Technology | Security | Data Security
7. Enterprise mobile management: Where do we go from here?
Mobile has become a mainstream tool for the vast majority of enterprise workers. Indeed, over the past three to four years, instead of being viewed as an emerging technology, it’s basically made the transition to a mature solution that’s been almost universally accepted.That’s not to say mobile doesn’t have its challenges. The diversity of devices, unequal security capabilities, user ownership, and relatively short lifecycles often make it difficult for IT to cope. Mobile device management/enterprise mobile management (MDM/EMM)...
Origional Story Date :2/6/2019
Editorial | Computerworld
Information Technology | Hardware | Mobile Devices | Enterprise
8. 5G networks must be secured from hackers, bad actors, US senator says
The US will need to implement a strategy to protect 5G technology from hackers and state-sponsored bad actors, US Sen. Maria Cantwell said at a 5G hearing Wednesday. Cantwell, of Washington state, is the top Democrat on the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation."I'm all in for 5G ... But in the push for 5G, we need to make sure we're not blind to some of the very important policy issues," Cantwell said at the hearing. "5G networks must be secure, and that starts with having a 5G strategy that focuses on..."
Origional Story Date :2/6/2019
News | CNET News
Information Technology | Hardware | Telecom
9. What is low-code development? A Lego-like approach to building software
The trend of enterprises swapping traditional software development approaches in favor of agile and DevOps, which enable programmers to quickly build and continuously upgrade software in coding sprints, is widespread. But these approaches aren’t the only options CIOs have at their disposal to fuel faster application creation.Developers are increasingly using low-code development platforms to arrange application components, including data and logic, via a drag-and-drop interface - think virtual Lego blocks that users...
Origional Story Date :2/4/2019
Research | CIO Magazine
Information Technology | Services | Software Development
10. Amazon Web Services Launches Fully Managed Backup Service
As surprising as it sounds, Amazon Web Services, which has offered cloud storage since 2006, hasn’t provided a fully managed backup service—until now. AWS has launched AWS Backup, an automated, centralized backup service that enables businesses to back up their data across the AWS network and on-premises more efficiently.AWS Backup gives enterprises a single point of control for configuring and auditing data stored in AWS resources and allows storage administrators to automate backup scheduling, set retention policies...
Origional Story Date :2/6/2019
News | Eweek
Information Technology | Services | Managed Services