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6 Strategies to Boost Sales Productivity

For sales organizations of all sizes, there are many hurdles to clear on the way to closing a deal.

Engaging with buyers who follow a nonlinear customer journey or managing a disconnected collection of sales tools can lead to internal silos, a lack of collaboration, and broken sales processes. Not having the right sales engagement solution in place can ultimately lead to lost productivity and revenue.

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Building Effective Information Governance with Data Discovery and Classification

Effective data governance is critical for ensuring data quality, security and compliance, as well as for boosting productivity and cost efficiency.
This eBook explains how you can make your data management and data protection processes stronger by implementing proper data discovery and classification (DDC) in your organization.
Look inside and discover:

  • The capabilities and benefits of DDC
  • What to look for when selecting a DDC solution
  • How a DDC solution can help you save time and money
  • And much more!

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Cloud Communications Migration Pitfalls - How to Avoid Them

Most IT leaders today understand why business functions are moving to the cloud. The reasons range from better agility to dramatic savings on equipment and operational overhead. The trend towards increasing reliance on the cloud includes business phone systems. According to a Broadcom survey of global telecom providers, more than half of businesses will have moved to cloud communications by 2020. The survey also points to accelerated adoption of cloud contact center and team collaboration services.

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Compliance Demystified: General Principles of IT Compliance

Regulatory compliance is one of the biggest challenges that IT pros face today, regardless of their organization's location, size or industry. Requirements are complex, and so are modern IT infrastructures. It can be hard to know where to start.

This guide will help. We'll begin by exploring the common goal of all compliance requirements - and their key differences. Then you'll see how using established best practices and understanding the compliance lifecycle can enable you to build a solid foundation for compliance. Last, you'll see how Netwrix Auditor can help you achieve your goal of continuous compliance.

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Connect- The Case for More Integtrated HCM

The name of the game is information, and business leaders and managers alike have acknowledged its power in determining the direction of their decisions and their dollars. With Big Data being so abundantly accessible given the right technology, there's never been a better time to tap into all of the information that's already available at your fingertips—especially your people data.

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Data Security Policy Template

Having a documented data security policy is a best practice for every organization — especially those that are subject to today's increasingly stringent information privacy regulations. Often a part of a broader information security policy, a data security policy addresses topics such as data encryption, password protection and access control.

Here is a data policy template for access control that you can adapt to meet your organization's specific requirements, such as the need to comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy policy.

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Facilitating Data Loss Prevention

Gartner urges organizations looking to get started with data loss prevention (DLP) to explore the DLP capabilities of the products they already have before adopting an enterprise DLP solution, and names Netwrix as a vendor that offers a solution to help with the data discovery aspect of DLP. This eBook expands upon these important data protection issues.

You'll find answers to the following questions:

  • What is data loss prevention?
  • How can you find the right DLP approach for your organization?
  • How can Netwrix Auditor help you prevent data loss?

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Improving Profitability through Better Human Capital Management

Human capital accounts for a large portion of a company's costs. Yet, this all-important cost center is typically managed with fewer business intelligence (BI) metrics, less fiscal discipline, and more compromise than traditionally-valued aspects of business such as infrastructure, development, and support. Without stringent best practices for managing human capital, high turnover results in additional costs for training and knowledge transfer, while disengaged employees drain profits from your bottom line.

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Migrating SAP Applications to Azure

One thing is certain - all SAP NetWeaver landscapes will migrate to SAP HANA and the cloud. And all SAP app and industry modules will also become available in S/4HANA. It's also clear that this migration will take a long time.

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Migrating SQL Server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

The mix of databases in the cloud is growing significantly, and organisations need a durable framework to ‘lift and shift' databases to the cloud while extending what they already have. To stop worrying about security updates or the next deadline for end of support, many organisations are migrating their legacy SQL Server databases to an appropriate cloud platform. But some important factors need to be considered before migration - like cost, compatibility and post-optimisation.

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Modernize Your Workplace with Cloud Communications

Companies everywhere need their workforces to perform faster and smarter than ever before. Distributed teams, deeply intertwined supply chains, rapidly evolving technology and increasing mobility have radically transformed the modern workplace and serve up growing communication challenges. Today, most businesses are struggling to enable truly seamless communication and collaboration across platforms, systems and devices.

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Security lessons learned:4 businesses share their tips

Businesses face tough decisions every day. Where will you find your next customers? What products should you develop? Are there better ways to control costs?

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Seven Key Principles of Cloud Security and Privacy

Almost every day we read of data breaches, the egregious misuse of customer information, or some new hacking scandal. In this treacherous environment, any company using data extensively (and don't we all?) must grapple with ever more regulation and acute consumer pressure. As a result, security and privacy of data are top of mind for both anxious executives and hard-pressed IT teams.

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Top 10 Common Payroll Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

It's easy to overlook the minutiae of payroll processes, which can result in costly errors and time-consuming corrections. Even the smallest of payroll slip-ups can snowball into long-term issues and increased expenses, especially if those mistakes continually occur.

Seemingly minor reconciliations—such as correcting W-2s, amending tax returns, or adjusting for late deposits—can waste time and valuable resources. Additionally, some blunders make organizations vulnerable to regulatory fines and penalties. The good news is that most mistakes are avoidable. In this white paper, you'll discover:

  • The top 10 payroll mistakes most commonly made by HR executives
  • Step by step tips on how to avoid payroll pitfalls
  • What you should do if mistakes have already happened

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Top 10 HRIS Challenges and How to Solve Them

Perhaps you've recently invested in a new human resource information system (HRIS), or maybe you're considering taking the leap. In either case, one thing should now be very clear to you—all HRIS solutions are not the same, and many of them create more problems than they solve for your HR and payroll teams.

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